Friday, 17 June 2011


Here's another post that has been waiting for publishing - the PC is running so slowly, taking about 10 mins just to start up and constantly freezing, so I don't really bother finishing anything.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things, not much has changed, I'm still riding 50miles a week. Since France though, it has taken a while to start enjoying riding in Cornwall again. The first ride after arriving back was torture; why, oh why, are the British such aggressive car drivers, whizzing by far too close and much too fast?  And why do we have to put up with so many potholes? On the bright side though, the rubbish riding conditions here will make any future riding holidays much MUCH more fun.

As for the wind... it is BRUTAL - with wind speeds of 25mph being the norm it has been a struggle. Talking of which, one day last week I was bravely fighting my way through a savage headwind down the Marazion by-pass.  Half way along I noticed I had been joined by a fellow cyclist. I battled on, thinking that this athletic looking guy would probably just sit behind me until he could pass and then I'd attempt to sit on his tail for as long as I could.  Minutes rolled by and he still didn't pass. I was pushing hard; I didn't want to look weak so I kept the pace high. He was bound to pass me soon. He was an fit looking fella and probably didn't want to let an overweight female beat him. Hmmm... weird, he didn't seem to want to pass. He just stuck to my back wheel like glue. Surely he would pass soon? At a major roundabout we had to stop, I turned to say Hi, he grunted back, looking a little tired.  Miserable sod.

Ah well, I hoped he wouldn't be taking the same exit, as I was now shattered after pushing myself so hard. Damn! He followed me. I tried to keep up the pace but I was drained, my speed started to slowly drop but he still didn't pass. The headwind was vicious, my speed was plummeting to 15mph but he continued to sit on my back wheel. 13mph and no signs of him overtaking. WTF? I was pushing as hard as I could but the wind and my previous efforts had started to take its toll. I was broke. I turned - he was still there, safely sheltered behind me. I started to say "This wind is hell" but I hadn't even finished the sentence when he accelerated past and dropped me like a sack of spuds.

GIT!  I'd practically taken him the last three miles and protected him from the hellish headwind. He knew I was broke, yet he let me do all the work, whilst he recovered enough to accelerate off at probably over 20mph. Someone needs to teach him some cycling etiquette. Whatever happened to helping out fellow riders?

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