Sunday, 22 May 2011

En vacances en France

Last Saturday after an overnight ferry crossing from Plymouth we arrived in Roscoff for our long anticipated French holiday.

The sun was out over Bretangne as we made our long drive to the Loire. Not that I noticed as I was asleep in the back after a sleepless night on the ferry, leaving my Mum navigating as Mikey drove. Sadly, Mum's navigation skills went slightly awry and what should have taken 4ish hours took us on a more scenic 7.

Shortly after lunch we arrived at our gite. It had looked pretty on the website, but the pics really didn't show just how pretty it was. The cottage itself was rustic whilst being extremely comfortable and traditional. With the addition of having a full size table tennis table and some boules in the garden, the gite couldn't have got much more French or perfect. (There was also a large swimming pool - but sadly it was in need of repair so out of use.)

Le maison

The surroundings were spectacular - situated in a rural hamlet of maybe 5 farm houses and surrounded by farmland! Despite living in a pretty rural area ourselves, I wasn't quite prepared for the wonderful French wildlife. Our garden was teaming with Lizards, brightly coloured bugs and enormous hornets. A couple of snakes were spotted, as well as a red squirrel and a giant Hare. 

One of the Visitors on the windowsill
The sky was alive too. In the evening the air was full of bats and by day it had all the usual fantastic suspects as well as swallows and buzzards. Cuckoos could be heard everywhere and we saw many herons and stalks in the fields keeping the local cows company.  Talking of which, the surrounding fields were full of all sorts of breeds of cows and other livestock - some sheep, goats, donkeys, ducks and geese. It was magnifique! As an animal and wildlife lover I was in my element.

The nearest shops were in the quaint village of Saint Aubin des Chateaux which was just over a 3 mile ride away, with an ace patisserie for our daily fresh bread and continental breakfast treats.

An early morning trip to get deux pain et croissants.
Just down the road in the other direction was the picturesque village of La Hunadaire which overlooked a beautiful undisturbed lake. Many a ride passed through this area and its undeniable tranquility lured us to sit and watch the world go by everytime, the dragonflies dancing and the kingfishers were mesmerising.

To add to the equation the weather was glorious - predominantly in its high 20's and low 30's. Oh it was all so perfect.... *sigh*... if only we hadn't have to come home so soon.

As for the cycling.... it was perfect, but that deserves its own post. ;-)


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Oh how I envy your trip! Beautiful pics too :-D

Trevor Woodford said...

Glad you enjoyed your French trip....I was out there at about the same time as you...will be back out there a couple of times this year. The roads are great as you say...just one of the reasons for cycling over there...