Thursday, 31 March 2011

March Round Up

Overall March has been a pretty good month, mileage and weather wise.

The month began with a very interesting ride into Penzance one Saturday lunch time to meet Michael during his lunch break and also meet one of my Internet buddies, Kim and her new husband (they were honeymooning from Scotland). It was ace to meet her finally; they were both so lovely (I knew they would be).

March saw me re-saddling my trusty Mountain bike, Gary, for three rides and despite my pretty poor ability on technical stuff I can see a vast improvement on my overall strength and stamina. Yay! The biggest problem is though, that because of all the road riding that I have done to get me through winter I'm starting to become a "Roadie." Eek! Although I still enjoy the fun and adrenaline of riding my MTB, I (currently) much prefer the easyness of riding on tarmac. Hopefully, with more practice I'll get my mojo back and with 31.7 off road miles done this month, I look forward to more singletrack in April.

Most of the rides this month averaged over 10miles, with a few around the 15mile mark. However the longest was a 19.3mile jaunt along the coast to picturesque Mousehole where we enjoyed a pasty and a piece of homemade flapjack.

Mikey begrudgingly offers me a bite of the shared pasty. ;-)
March also saw me doing the shortest ride in a long time when the ocean wind proved too much for me and I struggled to do 6miles. (This was at the start of the month when the weather was still pretty horrid and the winds were brutal.)

Anyway Spring finally has sprung so I hope that with nicer weather I will be able to take some more adventurous rides. More mountain biking is definitely on the agenda and also some longer road rides.

Finally, you'll all be relieved to hear that Ted has come back out of hibernation.  (Having only been ridden a few times over the winter.) ROFL! When everyone else is thinking of putting away their cyclocross bikes and digging out their nippier road bikes, out comes Ted whilst Paddy the road bike thinks about going into hibernation. I know I'm a tad silly and doing things backwards, but thats the way I like it - Ted's my pride and joy.


Mullerton said...

You're not a true roadie, you still wear baggy shorts.
Take the mudguards off Paddy.

Trevor Woodford said...

I've just found your blog. Interesting posts so I thought that I would link in as a follower...

-Trevor (purpletraveller blog)