Thursday, 15 July 2010

Back on the bike.

After hurting my back at the start of the month, I took five days off the bike. However, despite being kept highly entertained by the Tour de France, it left me frustrated; as I too wanted to ride my bicycle.  By the following Saturday I was climbing the walls! I needed to get out and let off steam after a stressful (and painful) week at work. 

On the Saturday, my Mum wanted to ride, so we decided on a gentle pootle around the local lanes.  Unfortunately, after 7 miles; I decided to call it a day -  I don't know if it was the pain or the monotony of riding the "same old" route.  (We were doing laps around the lanes that I frequently rode when starting my rediscovery and that helped me keep my mileage up through the winter, so now I just find them really tedious.)  I was disappointed, but at least it was the start of the mountain stages in Le Tour that afternoon and there was always Sunday to ride. ;-)

Sunday came around and despite watching the grumpy Aussie inherit the yellow jersey I felt inspired; as Alberto Contador and Daniel Navarro had done a fine job.  So, me and Mikey took a little jaunt out on the bicycles; going further afield and putting another 13 miles under my belt.  My back was still a little sore but I was now happier.  Yeah OK , so I hadn't met my weekly target, but I'd managed over 20 so it wasn't a complete wash out. =D

By Monday my back was feeling much better (the occasional twinge, but not too bad) and I was eager to start the week well and be on track to meet this weeks target. So despite the grey, miserable sky and ghastly wind I headed into Penzance to meet Mikey.  I was soggy by the time I got there (I'm not sure if it was actually raining or if it was all just ocean spray as the tide was in and the waves were crashing next to the coast path). Nonetheless, I was in good spirits as the strong tailwind had got me their faster than usual - Just wish I had looked at my average speed, as half way back over the coast path; now heading into a fierce headwind and barely achieving more than 9mph, my average speed was still over 13mph!  My day got even better, when Evans spectacularly lost the yellow Jersey and when Armstrong had one of the most disastrous rides ever.  Poor chap, I hate to admit it but I really felt sorry for him and I gotta say the fact that he didn't throw his toys out of the pram, gave me some respect for the man.

My next ride was Tuesday afternoon. Mikey had the day off and we went out for a wee ride after watching the exciting TDF stage which saw Schleck and Contador sneek up on the unsuspecting stage leaders! Those boys are good!!  Inspired and in a moment of madness, when seeing a fellow cyclist up in the distance I sprinted after him. Admittedly, on catching him, I felt a bit silly when I realised he was about 30years older than me, but it had been fun challenging myself like that.  LOL!  This racing lark is contagious, I see the pro's do it and think I can do it too.  ;-) ROFL! I've even discussed with Mikey what "road bike" I would like.

I've not ridden since Tuesday afternoon, but there's always tomorrow and the weekend. Anyway, I've got "The Tour" to watch. =D


trio said...

So what road bikes are in the list? The 2011 treks look nice.....

I think it is time for you to enter a cross race!!!

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Glad yer feelin' better,my friend! =)

That was an AWESOME stage finish,wasn't it?!?

I'm still down on my cane again...Doc appt last Monday,said that vertibrea of mine where the damage happened that occasionally "slips" 1/8" done did it again,so I'm looking at another 2-4 weeks of "not really hip pain-hip pain" until it "slips" again,LOL! But oh well,I gots the tour to watch,and bunches of model kits,so I'm good =)


Simon said...

Good that you're back on a bike :)

Just need to do the same myself now!