Friday, 4 June 2010

A month of polar opposites

Despite my earlier concerns that May was going to be a bad month for mileage, it was surprisingly not too bad.

In the 2nd week of May I had my first failure of the year, as my weekly mileage was a measly 10.5.... a long way from my minimum target of 25miles.  I couldn't be too hard on myself though as I was pretty poorly.  The trouble was though, that the following week (when I finally recovered) I couldn't even play catch up as Mikeys family were visiting and understandably they monopolised most of our evenings and weekends.  So, yet again, I fell short of my minimum weekly target - only managing to do two rides totalling 23.5miles.

Things were starting to look bad for my monthly goal...

However, in a quick decision we decided we would HAVE to take our bikes to Scotland (The original plan was not to take them as we had little space in our small car and we didn't want to drive the 1000mile round trip with them on the roof.)

And oh, how I am so glad that we did, as the Scottish rides did wonders to my monthly total adding over 70 miles to my tally.

So, amazingly, in the space of one month, I went from achieving my lowest weekly total (10.5miles), to achieving my highest weekly total (71.8miles) since starting my cycling re-discovery. 

The months final tally was 181.1... which isn't quite as good as last months, but it is still the 2nd highest total of the year so I am a happy bunny!


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Ahhh...sounds like you had a grand ol time of it,especially towards the end. Good month,there my friend,keep it going,you're doing great =D


trio said...

Good total that! Especially 71.8miles in a week!

KatieCake said...

Thank you both. =D

I was particularly proud of doing 71.8miles in a week. Tis just such a shame that I won't be able to achieve it again anytime soon. It was only that high because of the 29 mile ride around Kielder, but unfortunately all the draggy hills round here make even a 15 mile ride hard work!

Red Bike said...

Congrats on the 70 miles.
Have you joined phils 100 mile challange
(100miles per month that is)

Sometimes its nice to go on holiday without a bike; but to go to scotland without a mtb is just wrong

Forget the targets, ride for for the smiles not because you have to reach a set number of miles

jumbly said...

Hooray for trips to Scotland! Well done.

KatieCake said...

LOL @ Redbike. I did go to Scotland without a MTB. ;) Thankfully lots of fun was still had though, despite the lack of knobbly tires and suspension.

@Jumbly Thank you. Scotland rocked! Wish you had been there too.

Red Bike said...

Cyclo-x bikes rule. I just wish they didn't scare the crap out of me off-road.

BTW: Heres a link to the 100miles thingy. Its right up your street.

Lindsay said...