Friday, 28 May 2010

Exposure Exposé

For those of you who live under a rock, last weekend saw the 1st ever Solo 24hr MTB National Championships over the border in Scotland. Representing team VeloCake were cakers Steve , Grant and and honorary member (she'll be fully fledged when the new team kit finally arrives) Amy
- doing it for the girls.

In a moment of madness me and Mikey decided to drive the 500mile trip up North to offer Team Support.  So, 10 hours after we set off, we finally reached our destination - an already full campsite.  On arrival we found Steve, who had set up next to a couple who I didn't know; despite a lack of introductions I soon discovered them to be Chris and Jac.

No sooner as we started to unpack the tent Grant and his bud James rolled up. A game of musical cars and musical tents ensued before their huge tent - "MoonBase Doig" was unleashed!

An hour or so later and a small Mini headed onto the field. We recognised this as being Trio's and despite only knowing her via the Internet, we waved her over.  Again we seemed to forget any kind of formal introductions, but this time it wasn't quite as bad, as after reading her blog regularly I already felt like I knew both her and Ali. The team was complete and we sat and chatted as the sun went down.

As all the racers were riding "solo", the usual pre-race camp shenanigans were subdued and tents were zipped and lights were turned out by dark. Team VeloCake soon realised we were the only ones making any noise within the camp so we decided we should also retire for the night - after all half of us had a big day tomorrow.

By morning everyone was up bright and early and nerves were starting to show.  The start of the race was dragged out by a long-winded rider briefing, followed by a ride into the village for a formal "signing on" in front of the good folks of Newcastleton.  The riders were then gallantly led back out of the village and back up to the course by some suited up village chieftains.

After getting some quick shots of the riders heading out we made our way back up to the camp. Which was quite tricky on a cross bike. The boys on MTB's made it look easy but skinny tyres and a twitchy CX bike made the ridiculously steep climb on very loose gravel quite tricky.

Back at camp we set up an awning and decorated it and with a lovely VeloCake flag flying proudly from one corner.  We then awaited the arrival of the riders as they completed their first lap, prepped with the trusty VC cow-bell. G-dunk, G-dunk! Damn! Chris walked over with a bigger and shiny cow bell. I was beyond envious, not only did it look better but it sounded better!

Trio, Grant and Steve have all blogged their race reports already, so if you haven't already, you really should check them out!

All that's left for me to say was that great fun was had and a lot of new friendships were made. It would have been a perfect trip if it hadn't been for those revolting portaloo's that were even grimmer by Saturday morning.


VeloCake said...

yes it was a great weekend. thank you Scotland, exposure 24hour of exposure u.s.e. 24 hour was beautiful. how 24 hour racing should be, especially the new experience of not riding but pit bitchin'.

Ooo.. and the Sorbietrees B+B, and their amazing bathroom, and the Liddesdale pub, for the traditional Scots barman calling everyone "bigman". We're back next year, I might even ride!

grant said...

Do it Mike :-)

Glad you both enjoyed Scotchland.

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Sounds like a damn fine time had by all...I congradulate ya's,and admit to being overwhelmed by envy :-)


trio said...

Thanks for being a great support crew! Ali had a great time, she asked when the next race is and if you lot you will be there!

Now where is the blog about the rest of your holiday?