Sunday, 25 April 2010

To tweak or not to tweak.

The last three weeks have been good - mileage wise - as I have achieved 50miles+ per week.  Shhh, I know 50 miles is nothing to you bonkers cyclists who double that mileage in one ride, but for me, it's great. :-)

So now I have to decide whether to permanently push my target up to 50miles a week - which in essence will double my previous monthly target.

I can't help but wonder though if doubling my mileage maybe just too much. Yeah OK, I know I can do it as I have done it successfully and easily over the last three weeks, but the weather has been in my favour as it has been dry and warm. What happens on the bad weeks where the mere thought of dragging myself out at least 4 times a week into pouring rain is unbearable? I'm not good with failure! I will end up giving up completely.  If I start struggling to achieve the new goal; I will probably stop enjoying the rides and if I stop enjoying them I will lose my determination.

ARGH... what is a girl to do? Shall I tweak or not...?


Simon said...

Keep your target the same, treat anything above the target as a bonus :)

Red Bike said...

Scrap the target and stick to having fun. Its all about smiles not miles :)

By this time next year i'm sure you'll have done 50/100miles in one go.

KatieCake said...

=D You are all very wise!

I think after hearing all your advice I will keep my target at the bare minimum (25miles) and as you say, Simon, i'll just treat any extra miles as a wonderful bonus!

(At the moment, I cant scrap targets completly, as I can imagine that the week I dont ride will be the start of a slippery downhill slope.)

BTW I just love the smiles not miles mantra and will definately keep it in mind.

Thanks chaps. =D

trio said...

Or just put your target up at bit, maybe to 30miles a week? Doubling is a little extreme!

KatieCake said...

Thanks Trio. That is a good idea as even on a bad week I am sure I could manage that. :-)

SS:Mtn Biker said...

I agree with all the above. Defiantelt don't let it lose the fun factor,that's why we ride,the enjoyment! TRI makes a great point as well,if 25 has been easily exceeded,maybe bump it just a smidge. On those grand weeks when you easily surpass them (goals),tuck those miles in for that rainy day,or day you just can't,or don't feel up to riding,and enjoy those days as a break,knowing you're still on track with the longer-term goals...that's MHO :)