Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Another new month... Another new hope...

Woop woop! My cycling momentum is continuing and I am already well on my way to meeting this months target. The last few weeks have been great and have involved lots of cycling. Last week I took a ride into Penzance to meet Mikey at work for his lunch. It involved riding down the notoriously windy coast path – but thankfully, despite a strong headwind the weather didn’t compare to the last time I attempted it and I managed to get to my destination without any problems. When I got there Michael treated us to a tray of chips to share and we sat on the harbour watching the little boats bobbing along before I cycled home. It was lovely!

As Mikey now doesn’t get home until past dark I am doing more lone rides during my days off. It has actually suprised me as I am really enjoying them and loving the freedom and sense of adventure you get when riding alone - It's great not always having to worry about holding anyone up or wondering what route they would prefer.

This month, I have also been on my first night-time ride since my "rediscovery". It wasn't a planned nightride - just a badly timed ride! I had gone out by myself for a quick spin at about 4pm and lost track of time. Thankfully, I had gone out on my hybrid so I had some lights, but unfortunately, I found that my lovely front dynamo light – which makes me highly visible to traffic gives little road illumination. Consequently, I had to make a number of comical emergency stops/skids to avoid dogs, walkers and wildlife. It all added to the fun, but when I have some extra money I will definately invest in a brighter and better front light. Mmmm, I’d love a Busch and Muller Cyo... hey, a girl can dream can’t she? 'Suppose I could always ask Father Christmas for one but until then I will just limit my riding to daytime or dusk.

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