Monday, 31 August 2009

A monumentous occassion...

This is my first blog. I usually just co-write but now it is time to expand my horizons and start my own new venture into the world of Blogging!

And now, I've finally got something to write about. I am rediscovering my passion for cycling - so here it is - My first entry...

Today was a momentous occasion for me. After deciding at the start of the month that I had to get fit, I got my lazy ass back onto my saddle after many years of abstinence. I decided that I really needed to strengthen my lungs to try and prevent my annual winter chest infections/pneumonia. So out came the Lycra and out of retirement came one of my trusty steeds!

(Basil - Specialized Globe City)

I started off doing baby steps - a few miles each ride, four times a week, but as the weeks went by my distance and average speed increased. I even invested in some waterproof pants so that I couldn't be put off by the typical British Summer weather.

It's quite nice to ride around here as we have a number of options, we can either take the quiet-ish country roads or go off-road along dirt tracks. We are so lucky, as we can pretty much just take a nice ride straight from our garage door, without the need to load everything into a car. One down side though is, despite living near the top of a hill, whichever way we turn out of the drive we pretty much have to start with a climb out of our village. In fact, being in this neck of the woods, there are just too many slow, windy and deceptively long climbs but as the stubborn fool that I am, I refuse to get off and push my bike so I am pleased to say that not one of them has defeated me as I have always made it to the top - albeit a few stops halfway up to grab some oxygen.

Anyway, all my determination - some would call it stubborn-ness - has payed off as I have reached, what I think is quite a momentous milestone which I am really chuffed about. Today I broke the 100mile barrier! Woop woop! Who woulda funked it? In less than a month I have riden over 100 miles - which is pretty much more than I have done in the last few years!! It's a great boost to achieve this after virtually no riding I just hope that I can keep up the momentum. And if I can do it, anyone can!!

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